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7-Step Guide To Building A Fast Car

Readying the slot car for a race is, without a doubt, crucial to winning. Sometimes, it’s all that separates one car from another in the race track in terms of performance. So how to you ready the car for a race? Here is a 7-step guide. Inspection The first step is to inspect the entire car, the moving and non-moving components. Look the under garage and replace or enhance anything that can be changed. For example, if you know of a better-performing motor, replacing the existing motor […]

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Driving Abroad – Know Your Laws

Everyone likes a holiday every now and again, and if you can bring your car along then it can be even better. Knowing that you can go off the beaten track and holiday the way you want to has its attractions, ones nobody can deny. On the flip side, if you are holidaying in a country or a state where the laws are different from the ones you are used to, you need to be very careful. Some countries have quite radically different road laws than others. […]

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Pimping Your Ride – Or Making Your Car Look And Drive Better

The popular US TV series Pimp Your Ride, which has been exported to other TV markets in recent years, is a logical conclusion to the popular hobby of auto modification. People all over the world look at their cars and think “I can make this better – faster and better looking, and it will corner better when I’m done, too”. Basically, it’s The Six Million Dollar Man but with cars. You can modify your car to a greater or lesser extent. Some people will settle for a […]

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Racing For Sport – Formula One Motor Racing

The single word “car” can be used to describe any one of a number of different kinds of vehicle, from the comfortable family sedan to the armored people carrier, and indeed to the sports cars that are driven around tracks by professional drivers. You’ll never see a Formula One car on a public road outside of special circumstances, but it’s a car all right. The Formula One car has little in common with a road legal vehicle. The shape is different – it is much lower and […]

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