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Getting To Know Slot Cars

If you love cars and get off on speed as much as I do, you would do well to try slot car racing. Slot cars have been popular since the late 1950s, and despite the proliferation of many other hobbies ever since, slot car racing is still very much in the mainstream. The fun factor and the customization possibilities involved in slot car racing simply give the sport an immediate appeal to many car and toy enthusiasts. Slot car racing is an exciting prospect, sure, but being […]

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Best Slot Car Scale For You

Slot cars come in different scales – from the smaller HO scale to the larger 1:24 scale. The best scale size for you actually depends on how much room you can use to work with it and what you are planning to do with the car. Most slot car drivers these days settle with the generic HO scale. This scale varies from the smallest scale 1:82 to the larger scale of 1:64 and is relatively less expensive than the larger models. Originally, these scale sizes were used […]

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The Way We Look At Cars

Although in real terms it is just a means of traveling, the car has taken on a completely iconic role in modern life. For some people, a car is just a car, a conveyance to get you from A to B, and maybe on to C if you are feeling adventurous. For many others, though, a car is as defining a symbol as any other, and says a lot about the person driving it. Many people purchase a car with this in mind – sitting behind the […]

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